Scotti: «Fedez and the others have huge egos.  Good in their field, like athletes, but ignorant »   IlNapolista

Scotti: «Fedez and the others have huge egos. Good in their field, like athletes, but ignorant » IlNapolista

To Il Messaggero: “I have asked three prime ministers to issue a rule so that they can forego the parliamentary pension. I have given up: I give it to charity.”

Scotti: «Fedez and the others have huge egos.  Good at their field, like athletes, but ignorant

Il Messaggero interviews Gerry Scotti. In 2015, he said he would retire at the age of 60, but he hasn’t done so yet.

Apart from hosting the Festivalbar four times, from 1989 to 1992, he has always worked in the studio: wasn’t he bored?

“Partly yes. After 39 years of TV career I want to go out and become a popularizer».

Next year marks 40 years of television: what superpower did it take to get here?

Don’t get the stench under your nose. I did the math: I walked into Italian homes at least ten thousand times at dinner time. In this window of time you have to be in tune with people. And then it took a bit of madness.”

He decided not to go to Los Angeles to take a commercial directing course and instead accepted the opportunity offered by Claudio Cecchetto at Radio Deejay.

“Three days before I left, I changed my plans and gave up on America and everything. The biggest gamble of my life ».

Fedez recorded her podcast with her as a guest and said she had never heard the name Giorgio Strehler.
one of the most important Italian theater men. Would you like to add something?

These guys have huge egos. Fedez and the others have become popular in a very short time, and they do their job like athletes. Too bad they talk about the present and the future without knowing anything about the past. You are very ignorant“.

Scotti was a member of the Socialist Party from 1987 to 1992. What memories do you have of your parliamentary experience?

“It was a driving country and there was so much impunity. Many in certain circles thought they were above the law. As a stranger, I was immediately put aside. As I passed they turned and laughed at me, stopped talking. I thought I could do something good, discuss, organize. I wanted to chair the Youth Condition Commission, they promised me it, but I never got it. They didn’t force me to do anything and when I tried to quit they didn’t accept it. It wasn’t a sensational experience.”

He signed 33 bills: remember one?

“Of course. I was the first to propose a ‘green’ law not to use plastic in food, newspapers and so on. I was in front ».

Does he take the pension?

“Yes indeed. After asking three prime ministers to make a rule to be able to give up this money, the last one I asked for was Matteo Renzi, and I gave up: I’ll take it and give it to charity“.

How much does it cost and how long have you been collecting it?

«A thousand euros since September last year. In November, on Research Day, I will award a one-year scholarship. If I wait for the rules to change… ».

The last whim removed?

«My savings after removing the totem pole of the house all go by car and motorbike. I would buy one every month. I like Porsches. The last one I got was ten years old. Every once in a while I brush it, hug it, kiss it, turn it on, drive and go. At my age, a cult object is good.”

Biggest mistake he made?

No law degree. I missed two exams. I didn’t respect my parents who made so many sacrifices for me.

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