Scotland’s new ‘Rules Dignity Officer’ fails selection

Scotland’s new ‘Rules Dignity Officer’ fails selection

Jason Grant Twitter

Jason Grant Twitter

Jason Grant is Scotland’s first Rules Dignity Officer.

WOMEN – From Monday 15th August tampons and sanitary pads will be available free of charge for all women in Scotland. But the appointment of Jason Grant to boost their access in the Tayside region of eastern Scotland has sparked criticism and dismay across the UK. In question: his career, the fact that he’s a man and the £36,126 he’ll be handling.

“It’s completely ridiculous,” exclaimed former tennis player Martina Navratilova on Twitter. “Have we ever tried to teach men how to shave or how to take care of their prostates? This is absurd,” she then pressed.

Jason Grant, the first-ever ‘Dignity of Rules Officer’ appointed in Scotland, is responsible for promoting the new Monthly Precarity Bill in Schools, Colleges and Universities for two years and ensuring it is properly funded. It should also stimulate discussions about menstruation and menopause.

“Women in these positions have priority”

Political reactions were not long in coming. Speaking to Sky News, Scottish National Party leader Ian Blackford said it was “much better to have women in these positions than anyone else,” as reported by The Guardian. “It’s a policy we can all be proud of. Ultimately, I think women should be a priority in these positions,” he added.

“Men have a role to play in contributing to positive and respectful conversations on the issue, while ensuring that the voices of women, girls and people who are menstruating are never silenced,” recalled Labour’s Monica Lennon -Member of Parliament and a great supporter of the Monthly Precariousness Bill.

Jason Grant, meanwhile, said being male would help him “break down barriers, reduce stigma and encourage more open discussion.” “Although it affects women directly, menstruation is a problem for everyone […]. I believe I can make progress by proving that this is not just an issue that affects women only,” he said in a statement, Euronews reports.

From the tobacco industry to sports coaching

More broadly, it’s Jason Grant’s career that has drawn criticism. After working as an account manager at Imperial Tobacco, the future Rule Dignity Officer became a personal trainer and has since run JLG Fitness Wellbeing and Rabble Dundee, according to the Chron. He had also been appointed Welfare Officer at Dundee and Angus College.

In his new position he will be paid £36,126 (for 24 months) funded by the Scottish Government. For several Internet users quoted by the Chron, this remuneration should be questioned. “I am not convinced that appointing a ‘rule dignity officer’ is the best use of public funds,” wrote one.

The Period Dignity Working Group responsible for implementing the new policy nonetheless defended her election, believing Jason Grant was “the most compelling candidate” for the position.

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