School: The disturbing escape of three 4  year  old children found 1 km from the institute.  “You crossed binary

School: The disturbing escape of three 4 year old children found 1 km from the institute. “You crossed binary

They used the lunch break, three children 4-year-old ran away from her own school on my mother’s side, on rue Balard, in the 15th arrondissement of Paris. Without anyone noticing: It happened on Tuesday, January 17th. After escaping the supervision of teachers and animators, the children passed through the institute’s faulty door. “They were found a kilometer from the school, in front of Aquaboulevard, you know!” said a witness who revealed the story, a neighborhood resident. “There’s the roundabout, the entrance to the ring road… The streets are very busy and dangerous, I take them every day. It’s almost a miracle they’re alive.” Escaping for minutes through the streets of the capital, the children crossed the tram tracks, went under the ring road before finally being stopped a kilometer away by a passer-by who was walking curiously about three small children saw .without adults.


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THE REACTIONS – “I am shocked that something like this has happened in a school,” reacted the region’s deputy delegate Philippe Goujon. “It must never happen, we are entitled to zero deficiencies, zero faults, in terms of the care of children, whether in or out of school. Already as a precaution, it was decided to suspend the animation team of this school ». The father of one of the children decided to file a complaint. In addition to the lack of vigilance of the educational team on site, the escape of the three children was made possible by a mechanical malfunction of the school’s front door locking system. According to Le Parisien, which got its hands on a report from early 2022, the system unlocked itself. Corresponding reports were also made 3 years ago. “There is also a repair problem for this door, which was defective,” admitted the Paris commissioner. “There were makeshift repairs, but they weren’t enough. The work should be done shortly. City Hall has opened an administrative inquiry to determine the circumstances surrounding this leak as well as the leak.

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THE PREVIOUS – On January 11, a two-year-old boy escaped surveillance by a kindergarten assistant in Limay in the Yvelines. “In slippers and a leotard,” his mother said, Dajoued had been wandering the street for about thirty minutes. “He may have been kidnapped, abused, or run over,” he said in a video posted to TikTok. Finally, he was found 80 meters from the kindergarten by a passer-by. The babysitter who was supposed to take care of him was fired.