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School shooting in Iowa, two students dead ANSA news agency

(ANSA) — NEW YORK, JANUARY 23 — A new shooting in the United States kills two at a school in Des Moines, Iowa. Police arrested three people suspected of opening fire on Starts Right Here, the institute that helps young people living in particularly disadvantaged backgrounds.

“It wasn’t causative action — it was targeted action,” Des Moines Police said.

The investigation is ongoing and police arrested three suspects in a car not far from the school. The shots fired killed two students and injured a teacher whose condition is serious. Iowa Gov. Kim Reynold said she was “shocked to saddened” by the school shooting, which helps at-risk youth ages 9 to 18. The institute was founded by Will Holmes, the rapper known as the Will Keeps, who came to Des Moines from Chicago 20 years ago, where he lived in a gangster world before finding support and help in music. The school aims to encourage underprivileged youth to use arts, music and other programs to thrive. (HAND).



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