Scholz praises France as a close partner

Scholz praises France as a close partner

Ahead of the joint ministerial meeting in Paris, Chancellor Olaf Scholz paid tribute to Franco-German friendship. For centuries, the relationship between the two countries has been “shaped by war and destruction, by a deep mistrust”, explained the SPD politician in a video message published in Berlin on Saturday.

Sixty years after the signing of the Elysee Treaty, which marks the anniversary on Sunday, the original peace project can be described as complete, according to Scholz. “Germany and France are close friends and partners. Today is about the European peace project at the turning point – about our values, which we want to preserve and defend – and strengthen.”

Eighteen years after the end of World War II, the Élysée Treaty sealed the friendship between the formerly enemy countries. The chancellor emphasized that France helped the Germans in the reconciliation.

“Will continue to support Ukraine”

Both countries are still challenged together, Scholz said. Russian President Vladimir Putin’s imperialism will not win. “We will not allow Europe to revert to a time when violence replaces politics. We will continue to support Ukraine. Together. To defend our European peace project.” He was also very grateful to French President Emmanuel Macron for getting his act together.

In the meantime, the partnership between Germany and France has become a natural thing, Scholz said. “It’s about vacations, student exchanges, guest semesters, city partnerships and strong business relationships between the two neighboring countries.”

Scholz said he looked forward to traveling to Paris with his cabinet on Sunday. The meeting was originally planned for October but was cancelled.