Scheila Carvalho falls while dancing in a bikini see

Scheila Carvalho falls while dancing in a bikini; see

Scheila Carvalho started the year with a bad fall. She shared the video of the moment on her Instagram profile and entertained her followers on Monday (2).

The fall occurred while Scheila was dancing in a bikini alongside her nephews, personal trainer Diogo Paris and medical student Luanna Maxi. At that time, the trio danced to a song by the Axé group Parangolé.

“My dignity is drowning in this video,” she wrote in the caption, in a joking tone. In the pictures she seems to be doing the choreography of the song “Turnê” but in the end she trips over the pool and falls. The nephew quickly helps him to his feet.

In the comments, fans poked fun at the situation, but the eternal “Tchans brunette” also received praise for her body. “Life goal to reach ’50tão’ with the same coordination as Aunt Scheila,” wrote one. “With or without a fall, they were beautiful,” praised another.