Scare!  Couple surprised by poisonous snake in moving car

Scare! Couple surprised by poisonous snake in moving car

A couple were shocked when they noticed a venomous snake, the black, redbellied species, “joining” them in the car they were traveling in on a Queensland, Australia road.

Despite the panic, the driver managed to pull the vehicle to the curb and called the Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers, a specialist reptile removal group, to evacuate the unexpected visitor.

A video showing the moment the animal was removed from the vehicle was shared on Facebook by Sunshine Coast Snake Catcher yesterday (16).

“We were called to an emergency on the Bruce Highway side where a couple were driving and a 1 meter long redbellied black snake slipped through their feet. Luckily they didn’t crash!” the post reads.

In the recording, the snake can be seen in the car next to the driver. With a special hook, the rescue team manages to remove the snake, which is later placed in a bag until the catcher releases the reptile back into the forest.

The redbellied black snake is a species native to Australia that is considered highly venomous. This animal can grow up to 2 meters long.

Its venom contains substances that affect the sense of smell and can cause illness and symptoms such as bleeding, vomiting, diarrhea, pain and muscle weakness in victims.

Although several bites from this snake are recorded each year, there are no documented fatalities, according to the expert group.