1657027270 Scarce gas companies must switch to oil

Scarce gas: companies must switch to oil

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In the context of the recent drop in gas storage rates, the government’s crisis committee met Tuesday morning to discuss the current situation. Austria will remain in the early warning stage for now, but Climate Protection Minister Leonore Gewessler (Greens) has made an appeal to businesses and the public.

05.07.2022 15.07

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Large-scale consumers, such as industries and power plants, are urged to switch to alternative energy sources – primarily oil – to the extent possible. Everyone living in Austria should prepare for the upcoming heating season and help save electricity and gas, Gewessler told a news conference on Tuesday.

A corresponding regulation for energy control will be submitted for evaluation, Gewessler said. At the same time, the minister stressed that the situation with regard to gas supply remains uncertain. The early warning level – part of the three-step gas emergency plan – will remain in effect for now, but with the announced maintenance of the “Nord Stream 1” pipeline starting July 11, the next critical event is imminent.

Minister of Climate Protection Leonore Gewessler

APA The situation is critical, but together we can overcome the crisis, said Gewessler

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Based on analysis at this point, however, “the conclusion has been reached that there is no reason to declare the alarm level in the gas emergency plan for the time being,” says Gewessler. However, more precautions are now needed to survive on less gas in an emergency.

Of course, large companies can’t switch to alternative energy sources overnight, but it’s important to start now to prepare for fall and winter. According to Gewessler, the state will reimburse the costs here.

Addressing private families, he said: “I know the current situation is difficult and exhausting.” But the crisis can only be overcome together, which requires the effort of each one. “Get ready now for the warm-up season,” urged Gewessler. Citizens must, for example, maintain their gas boiler and bleed the radiators. Simple measures like these would have savings potential of around 15%.