SBT Looking To Buy Generic Casa dos Artistas To Rock Prime Time  TV Pop

SBT Looking To Buy Generic Casa dos Artistas To Rock Prime Time TV Pop

Much was expected from news about the reality show structure set up by SBT. According to an investigation by R7’s Flávio Ricco column, the large construction in one of the train station’s sheds is designed by Silvio Santos for the Argentine format created by Diego Guebel, known as El Hotel de Los Famosos. The managing director, owner of the production company Boxfish, offered his creation to several Brazilian channels, but negotiations with the third place have developed more positively.

Sixteen celebrities were invited to the program, who would live in the dispute for four months. Very few local staff were left to support the participants. During each week, the participants have to compete against each other to find out who will be the people who will be living in the luxury of the hotel and who will be the employees.

Celebrities who manage to win a week as guests are entitled to all the best and best that a luxury resort can offer. Similar to the format of Big Brother Brasil but under different circumstances, the Argentine reality show also plotted the dispute over the VIP suite that would be like a leader at the Brazilian partner.

Despite SBT’s success with Casa dos Artistas (20012004), Silvio Santos’ channel is not eligible to return with the same reality show model. After the show premiered, Globo filed a lawsuit against SBT for plagiarizing Big Brother Brasil, a format contractually licensed with Endemol that first premiered in 2002. The Carioca broadcaster wanted to prevent the reality show that had been suspended for two days. but the court allowed it to remain on the air until the end of the trial. In 2015, the Supreme Court fined SBT millions of dollars for abuse.