Say goodbye to Quico forever after heavy criticism Carlos Villagran

Say goodbye to Quico forever: after heavy criticism, Carlos Villagrán makes a drastic decision

The creation of Roberto Gómez Bolaño’s “El Chavo del 8” is undoubtedly one of the most watched comic strips on Mexican television in the last 20 years. This series had the participation of figures of Mexican show business of stature Carlo Villagran interpreting quicoRamón Valdés plays Don Ramón and Bolaños himself plays “The guy from 8“. This series was the favorite of thousands of families, which made the series a cult television product.

Although it is a comedy series, “The guy from 8“He was always surrounded by controversy within the cast, as it was made up of very complex personalities, as in the case of the actor who has played throughout the years that the series has aired quico. Carlos Villagrán starred in more than one scandal with his companions, and some of them stemmed from a failed romance with Florinda Meza.

It is that in the early years of the issuance of “The guy from 8“, Florinda Meza and Carlo Villagran They lived a romance which came as a big surprise to fans since he starred on screen quico and Mrs Florinda. After a while, Florinda Meza decided to break up with the actor and shortly after that she began her relationship with Roberto Gómez Bolaños, to whom she was married until the day the creator of “The guy from 8“.

Recently Carlo Villagran decided that he was retiring from the world of acting for good and wished to say a proper goodbye to the role of his life since his interpretation quico in “The guy from 8“It brought him success in his professional career, as did the vast majority of the main actors in the cast of the series, since it was undoubtedly a milestone in Mexican television until the early ’90s.

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The emissions ofThe guy from 8‘ began in the 80’s and the series aired day in and day out until the early 1990’s. After a long life with quico, Carlo Villagran has decided to say goodbye quico from USA, the country where the actor is currently staying, since he is already 78 years old and his plans are far outside the world of acting.

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