1695929192 Saw X is a creative dead end in the usual

“’Saw X’ is a creative dead end in the usual bloodbath Splash

Not that putting on some perfume makes any difference. In fact, only the first film, directed by James Wan in 2004, had an original concept in which victims are trapped in welldesigned torture devices and must make a painful physical sacrifice to escape with their lives. Jigsaw was the architect behind it all, a terminally ill man who wanted to teach the “value of life” to people of terrible character.

Cheap and profitable, “Saw” became a valuable brand for the production company Twisted Pictures. However, later films often eschewed any logic or dramatic development to focus on their greatest appeal: the increasingly complicated traps designed to sacrifice the human body to the extreme.

Saw X is a creative dead end in the usual

After a failed attempt to give the series new meaning with “Spiral”, a commercial failure under the leadership of Chris Rock in 2021, “Saw X” decided not to change the champion team. The plot of a story takes John Kramer to Mexico in search of a dangerous and revolutionary treatment for his cancer. When he realizes that this is just a fraudulent scheme to extort money from dying patients, he kidnaps the fraudsters and traps them in his torture devices.

Director Kevin Greutert, a veteran of the series, patiently sets up the entire scenario to give Kramer’s decisions dramatic weight and generate sympathy for his actions. But that wasn’t necessary. Between severed heads, fragmented skulls and shattered limbs, the fun of a film like “Saw

However, the rope broke. The production is poorer than usual basically everything takes place in a single warehouse the actors are monotonous and the traps, although disgusting, are no longer astonishing. “Saw Maybe it’s time for Jigsaw to finally rest. Frankly, I highly doubt they will.