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Saudi Arabia condemns vandalism at its embassy in Sudan

According to the document published on the executive branch’s website, on that occasion the attackers destroyed property at the diplomatic headquarters and property of Saudi employees working at the facility.

After campaigning for the return of peace and stability in Sudan, a country currently mired in armed conflict, the Riyadh authorities also rejected any form of violence against diplomatic missions.

The incident occurred as Saudi Arabia, along with the United States, is mediating to end armed clashes on Sudanese territory between the army and the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces (RSF, as it is known in English).

Recent reports from medical organizations estimate that the war has killed more than 1,000 Sudanese civilians, injured more than 6,000 and left many missing and displaced.

On April 15, armed clashes erupted on Sudanese territory due to contradictions between the leadership of government forces and the RSF over the latter’s integration into the army.