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Sassari, who died after being rejected three times by the emergency room. The children: “We will denounce” L’Unione

Pino Salaris, a 65-year-old unemployed man from Porto Torres, didn’t make it.

He died at the Sandro Pertini Hospital in Rome for one blood infection occurred, triggering his already precarious health. His case had sparked much discussion.

THE HISTORY – Salaris in August and September is very bad. She has excruciating pain in her legs, pressure in her chest and can barely walk as she has already lost 15 kilos. His condition is deteriorating day by day. In the meantime, he goes to Sassari ER 3 times. However, he was accompanied twice by ambulances He is never hospitalized and, as his family tells us, is always sent home. where it keeps getting worse The desperate relatives managed to get a visit to the Sandro Pertini hospital in Rome through an acquaintance at the beginning of November. Where he is immediately hospitalized. His condition is at the limit and after a few days he has a cerebral hemorrhage. Salaris’ brave fight against death continues, but she remains in a coma. Roman doctors try everything to save him. A blood infection in recent days cut him off for good.

Now the body has returned to Porto Torres. funeral tomorrow morning.

THE COMPLAINT – Stefania and Gavino were always close to their father during all this time. Also in the last few hours. While they are heartbroken with grief over the loss of their beloved parents They decided to file a complaint.

“My father’s case is too serious to be forgotten – it is said –. In the emergency room of Sassari, despite his condition, he was sent away three times and this is absurd given that a short time later he was immediately hospitalized in Rome. We have no way of knowing if our father, who was hospitalized earlier, would have been saved. We may never know. But surely he should have been better taken care of in Sassari and not treated like that. However, we will forward the medical files to our lawyer and intend to report the matter to the judiciary, who will decide. We just want – they continue – just clarity on the issue so that what happened to our father and the ordeal he went through can never happen to anyone again ».

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