Sarah Altobellos hopes for the future of Oriele the couple

Sarah Altobello’s hopes for the future of #Oriele, the couple Oriana Marzoli Daniele Dal Moro Big Brother VIP | GFVIP 7 Big Brother

Oriana and Daniel They’ve finally settled and the relationship between the two seems to have reached a point of agreement: knowing each other outside to prevent the game from affecting their knowledge.

Despite this, the two seem unable to keep their distance from each other, and while the group sings and dances on the porch, Oriana joins Daniele, who is trying to rest in the bedroom. The two like to laugh and joke together and their complicity is palpable.

To the tones of the songs that sound in the house, Daniele and Oriana sing, comment and chat about this and that.

Meanwhile on the porch just the #Oriel they are a topic of conversation between Sarah and Attilius.

Sarah is convinced that Daniele is finally in a good mood again and, perhaps thanks to Oriana, can laugh and joke with everyone again. “He had his period when he was sick, it was his thing he spilled on her. Basically, the attraction is there,” explains the showgirl, noting Daniele’s change: “Today he was a different person, handsome, fun-loving, smiling.”

According to the showgirl, Oriana is right to keep seeking Daniele’s attention, and she’s convinced that with tenacity, the Venezuelan can convince the VIP to let himself go. The relationship with the entrepreneur seems to be at the center of Oriana’s thoughts and Sarah, referring to her friend by her usual nickname, confides in Attilio: “Babe is suffering, she told me.”

“It gets even better outside, you have to get to know each other,” she concludes and is sure that the future of the #oriel outside the house will go downhill.

While Attilio fears that Oriana might be getting impatient, Sarah seems to have high hopes for the couple’s fate. Who will be right between the two?