Sarah Altobello Wipes Antonella Fiordelisis Tears Big Brother VIP

Sarah Altobello Wipes Antonella Fiordelisi’s Tears Big Brother VIP | GFVIP 7 Big Brother

after the bath, Antonella shed a few silent tears in the beauty area. Sarah she does not remain indifferent to her friend’s suffering and tries to comfort her.

The influencer vents and talks about the difficult relationship Edward. She doesn’t understand why he doesn’t take care of her needs and take her side. She would always stand up for him. His friends sometimes understand her better than he does, so much so that various doubts have arisen about the feelings the boy allegedly has.

“Are we sure he’s as in love as he lets me think? Am I not me anymore in the end?” the girl wonders, not understanding why the boy never bothers about her state of mind. He has noticed that she is always willing to give him a step forward, but the same cannot be said of Edoardo, who is not even willing to change his behavior.

At the height of her wisdom and experience, Sarah gives her some advice: she should allow Edoardo to live his journey in peace. For the boy there is not only the dimension of the couple, he also faces a journey alone. Only thirty years old, he still wants to have fun and indulge his playful side.

Antonella cannot understand how she can be sensitive to those who have hurt her but not to her. He believed that this cute look was reserved only for his fiancee, but he understood that he showed it to everyone. It’s made that way.

Sarah suggests experiencing the relationship more easily and with lower expectations. “He’s there, he loves you,” she says. “I don’t feel it anymore,” replies Antonella bitterly, who would like Edoardo to change. She would like to see the cute, scary boy she once was again. However, now she feels distant and unwilling to understand her needs.

Her friend understands her difficulties, but explains that you can’t always have what you want.

Comforted, Antonella dries her tears and reflects on what her friend said.