Sara Corrales and Geraldine Bazan have joined forces to break

Sara Corrales and Geraldine Bazán have joined forces to break up Gabriel Soto and Irina Baeva

  • Gabriel Soto and Irina Baeva are still together and continue with their wedding plans.

  • Sara Corrales and Geraldine Bazán unsuccessfully plotted to separate the couple.

in the last few months, Gabriel Soto47 years old and Irina Baeva, 30, they have been caught up in a slew of rumors that they have allegedly ended their relationship, which has been going on since 2018; In connection with this, it was said that a contract allegedly prevented them from announcing their split and also ensured that he wanted his former partner from the soap opera My way is to love you. Sarah Corralesfrom 37.

What a surprise we were, however, to find out that while the Galant and Russian were indeed going through a crisis late last year, it was precisely Sara and Geraldine Bazán, 39, who were responsible for orchestrating that plan against his, ex-wife by Gabriel. We spoke to a friend of the actor and he told us about it:

-A lot is said about the relationship between Gabriel and Irina, what is really happening?

“Besides his Televisa soap opera ‘My path is to love you’, he has lived another soap opera in his real life. It was rumored that he has already thundered with Irina that they pretend to stay together because the TV channel does not allow them to talk about it, or that a contract with a shoe brand prevents them from announcing it, or that he already was with Sara Corrales.

– But is it true that they are separated?

“No, the truth is they are still together and very much in love. You went through a crisis late last year as you posted but you have no idea who was responsible.”

– Who is it?

“No more and no less than Geraldine Bazán, Gabriel’s ex-wife, and Sara Corrales. For the past few months, they’ve tried to break her up and took it upon themselves to make life difficult for Irina.”

How did this connection between them come about?

“They met a few months ago because they went to the same gym and gradually became friends.”

– Why did you want to separate them?

“Even though Geraldine has moved on, she still can’t get over it and doesn’t forgive what happened between Gabriel and Irina. And in Sara’s case, she was very excited to be in a relationship with Gabriel.”

– Was Sara in love with Gabriel?

“I don’t know if she’s in love but since she met him in the middle of last year on the recording of My path is to love you where they were a couple, she’s been very sweet to him and started to get very close with him.”

-But I knew about his relationship with Irina…

“Yes, but already in the past, in her country (Colombia), in 2009 she allegedly had a relationship with a married man, actor Robinson Díaz, and that was a scandal, also because of that she could no longer continue his career in Colombia at that time and later decided to try his luck in Mexico.

– So Sara didn’t mind dating a committed man again?

“Well, I can’t tell you what was going through his mind, but that he was aware that a relationship with Gabriel would help him a lot in his career, that’s a fact without disregarding, yes, he liked him very much because he is very pretty”.

– Can you tell us about your alleged plan to break up Gabriel and Irina?

“Yes, for that they used social networks to send hints to Irina, as Geraldine says Irina allegedly did to her when she was with Gabriel.”

– What are you talking about?

“The fact is that at the time, according to Geraldine, Irina let her know that she was dating Gabriel through photos and hints that she shared on her social media.”

-Tell us more about those clues you sent to Irina…

“It all started when Sara was seen wearing a lucky necklace identical to Gabriel’s and thought he gave it to her to woo her.”

– And it wasn’t like that?

“NO. In fact, these necklaces are sold by Sandra, Gabriel’s father’s wife, and one day they visited him at a place and Sandra sold several necklaces to some members of the soap opera, including Sara, who took the opportunity to believe another to make thing”.

– Was there more?

“Yes. In September and October, Irina went on a trip; to New York for two weeks to do a course and then to Qatar for almost a month to document her participation in the World Cup. During that time, Irina was not there, Sara took the opportunity to be closer to Gabriel and spread the word that there was something between them, even if it wasn’t true.

– How was it?

“Sara spoke to some journalists to tell them that Gabriel was courting her, but he did it to raise doubts about Irina, who was at a distance.”

– Is that why the information came out that he bought her gifts?

“Indeed. Journalist Álex Kaffie commented that a saleswoman at a department store allegedly told him that Gabriel had been there and that she asked him to help him choose a perfume for a very special woman; Sara later has a story with uploaded to Instagram with the perfume and some orchids

It’s her favorite flower.

– And is that true?

“Not at all, for the last few months Gabriel has been locked in the forums recording the soap opera. Do you think he would ask a shop assistant to help him choose a perfume for a very special woman? Although the theory is that he was pretending to be Sara in some secret way, and well he wouldn’t be doing it in such an obvious way. This perfume and flowers thing was another plan Sara and Geraldine had.”

– Was that all they did?

“No, Sara also uploaded a picture of her on the beach holding the hand of a man whose face was not visible to pretend she was with Gabriel. And why didn’t he show who he was with? For what I tell them.”

– It was also said that Gabriel had a great time with Sara, what can you tell us about that?

“Yes, well, Sara is a very nice woman and they had a great time as a partner, but now that she’s made some statements against him, he’s getting the hang of what he’s really getting at.”

– Are you referring to the statements made by Sara through the journalist Álex Kaffie?

“In fact, she’s in Colombia to record a cooking reality show, but Álex sent her a message asking if a relationship with Gabriel had materialized and she replied, ‘Honey, I’m already on one Point in my life when I want a mature, stable, peaceful relationship, full of respect, faithfulness. I don’t want to waste my time, I don’t want media hassles, I don’t want to lug around toxic ex-girlfriends either, just my peace of mind; Besides, I wouldn’t fall in love with a man who falls in love with every one of his protagonists.”

– How strong!…

“Yes, without mentioning the names of Irina and Gabriel, he meant that she was this toxic ex-girlfriend and Gabriel was the man who falls in love with his protagonists, although in this case, too, Sara is not the protagonist of the soap opera, but Susana Gonzalez.”

– Why would Sara have answered like that?

“She’s very angry because her attempt to go with Gabriel didn’t work, and since she didn’t achieve her goal, she’s now sending clues that speak plague about her.”

– Did Irina think that Gabriel was with Sara?

“Even though she always believed in Gabriel, it all added up a bit to the crisis they had, which luckily they resolved by sorting everything out.”

– With all these rumors, why haven’t they revealed that they are dating?

“Irina did it, she made statements about it, she was seen on her social networks with the engagement ring and she uploaded a photo with Gabriel in the Riviera Maya.”

– And Gabriel?

“He’s been very reluctant, not because they’re not dating, but because he figured he doesn’t need to show people he’s still with her, even though he said last week that it’s everything between them is okay.”

-It was even said that they didn’t live together anymore and that maybe the photo Irina uploaded with Gabriel in Riviera Maya could be old…

“They never stopped living together and if they weren’t caught that way it was because the paparazzi weren’t lucky, but now that they’ve gone to the Riviera Maya, Gabriel and Irina were like nothing happened . I insist everything is fine between them.”

– Are you following the wedding plans?

“Of course, but for Irina it is important that her parents and her dearest relatives are there and they hope that the conflict in Russia will be resolved in order to have the dream wedding they have planned.”

– And Geraldine and Sara?

“Geraldine, well, she’s already realized that her union with Sara didn’t work out, and she’s moving on with her personal and professional things while Sara works in Colombia, throwing her insinuations at Gabriel and Irina, but well, her plan worked not done. I suppose that’s where it all ends and hopefully they realize their wedding dream soon,” he concluded.