Sara Corrales and Geraldine Bazan have a joint activity that

Sara Corrales and Geraldine Bazán have a joint activity that sparks union rumors against Irina Baeva

Gabriel Soto He’s been the target of controversy ever since he made his relationship public Irina Baevawhich the public has described as “paying karma” for the alleged romance the actor would have with his co-star Sarah Corrales which now unleashed rumors of an alliance with Geraldine Bazan because of a joint activity.

Although the protagonist of “My way is to love you” and the russian actress They have vigorously denied their separation, it is the apparent distance that exists between the two and the lack of romantic messages on their social networks as they used to do that would confirm the end of their relationship. In addition, they have postponed their wedding several times, even though they got engaged two years ago.

The joint activity of Geraldine Bazán and Sara Corrales. Photo: Darkroom

Added to this is the assumption romantic interest that Gabriel Soto would have for Sara Corrales, who according to the entertainment journalist Alex Kafi In his column for El Heraldo de México, he does not hesitate to include expensive and delicate details. Then there is the discipline and the taste he has for it the exercise Like Geraldine Bazán, she also sparked rumors of an alleged alliance against Irina Baeva.

According to the driver of “Sale el Sol”, Gabriel Soto’s ex-wife would also have signed up gym That Sara Corrales and amidst the moment of tension in the actor’s love life, the meeting has caused great uncertainty among fans, who say it could be the start of a Friendship or alliance against a “common rival”.

Geraldine Bazán in the same gym as Sara Corrales. Photo: IG @geraldinebazan

Will Irina Baeva keep her ring?

the Journalist Alex Kaffie He has also revealed details of the actors’ relationship that would confirm their engagement ended, including a long hinted one Some Months are already separated but they can’t confirm it due to some joint contracts, although the actress would have already taken things from the apartment where they lived together.

In addition, recently it became known that Irina Baeva refuses to return engagement ring which he received from Gabriel Soto, although he insisted on recovering it. And in that regard, fans have taken the news Sarah Corrales like notes for the Russian actress, like the youngest about karma.

I believe that the famous “hell” is not lived after death, but in this life, that’s why you have to act consciously and never enjoy the evil of others, always knowing that both the good and the bad we do in this life in this life it will be paid for‘ he shared through his stories on Instagram.


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