São Paulo is the only Brazilian among the best for cyclists;  City is 76.

São Paulo is the only Brazilian among the best for cyclists; City is 76.

São Paulo was named the only Brazilian among the top 90 cycling cities in the world, a result of the 2022 Global Bicycle Index poll conducted by insurance startup Luko.

The study, which evaluated crime rates and road safety, infrastructure (e.g. bike lanes), climate, number of shared bicycles per 100,000 inhabitants and events for cyclists, gave the capital São Paulo a score of 24.81 out of 100 points possible and 76th place in the ranking.

Utrecht, the first place, scored 77.84 points. The bestranked city in Latin America was Santiago, Chile, which ranked 58th with 30.35 points. Neighboring countries Bogotá, Cali and Buenos Aires rank 81st, 82nd and 83rd respectively.

The top ten list, meanwhile, is mostly European: only Hangzhou, China, has fought its way to the top with seventh place and a score of 52.55. His good performance was mainly due to the safety for twowheel adepts. Germany, on the other hand, stood out with three places in the top ten: second Munster, ninth Bremen and tenth Hanover.

Meet the winners:

The 10 best cities in the world to ride a bike

Utrecht, Netherlands  prosiaczeq/Getty Images


1st: Utrecht, Netherlands

Hint: 77.84

prosiaczeq/Getty Images Muenster, Germany  ATom/Getty Images/iStockphoto

2 / 10

2nd: Munster, Germany

Hint: 65.93

ATom/Getty Images/iStockphoto Antwerp, Belgium — Jan van der Wolf/Getty Images


3rd: Antwerp, Belgium

Note: 60.51

Jan van der Wolf/Getty Images Copenhagen, Denmark — Radiokukka/Getty Images


4th: Copenhagen, Denmark

Note: 60.46

Radiokukka/Getty Images Amsterdam, Netherlands  Budanatr/Getty Images/iStockphoto


5th: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Note: 60.24

Budanatr/Getty Images/iStockphoto Malmo, Sweden  Elena_Sistaliuk/Getty Images


6th: Malmo, Sweden

Hint: 55.88

Elena_Sistaliuk/Getty Images Hangzhou, China  eugenesergeev/Getty Images


7th: Hangzhou, China

Note: 52.55

Eugenesergeyev/Getty Images Bern, Switzerland — MarekUsz/Getty Images


8th: Berne, Switzerland

Hint: 48.76

Marek Usz/Getty Images Bremen, Germany  Steve AllenPhoto/Getty Images


9th: Bremen, Germany

Note: 47.81

Steve AllenPhoto/Getty Images Hanover, Germany  AlizadaStudios/Getty Images


10th: Hanover, Germany

Note: 46.70

Alizada Studios/Getty Images