Sanremo 2023, coup by Amadeus, among the big players in the Check a Bomb Name race

Sanremo 2023, coup by Amadeus, among the big players in the Check a Bomb Name race

Sanremo 2023, coup by Amadeus, among the big players in the Check a Bomb Name race

Just yesterday, Chi Magazine revealed the first names of the big players competing in Sanremo 2023. Thanks to the weekly Nuovo, …

Just yesterday, Chi Magazine revealed the first names of Big in competition and sanremo 2023. Thanks to the weekly newspaper Nuovo, it already seems possible to put forward hypotheses Present on the stage ofAriston, in the guise of a competitor, another lover Interpreter of Italian music. He will be there too Festival, which is broadcast Rai 1 of the February 7th to 11th 2023?

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There are still around six months to go before then debut the 73rd edition of the Sanremo Festival, but the meat on the fire is a lot. The first progress. revealed by amadeus personally concerns the iconic Chiara Ferragni, who will be co-host before and on the last evening of Sanremo 2023. Also, we know that next to that conductor and Artistic Directorin the lead of all evenings, there will be Gianni Morandi, sacred monster of the music scene of the Bel Paese e character loved by every generation.

The weekly newspaper directed by Alfonso Signoriniit was said, he blurted out, the tireless one amadeus would have chosen the first big Who will perform on the stage ofAriston. In the race a Sanremo 2023 there will be Al Bano, Annalisa, Tananai and Rocco hunt. Likewise fedez will return to the crime scene, but as Guest of honor and, pretty sure. next to the beloved Wife.

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Will Tiziano Ferro compete in Sanremo in 2023? The sensational indiscretion

From what was reported by the magazine directed by Riccardo Signorettiin between Big in competition and Sanremo 2023 there could be another incredible one return. That from Titian Ferro. That Singer di Latina was able to take part in the event and not as Great hostas in 2020. But in the unprecedented role of competitor. A bit like it happened to Elisha in the latest edition of Festival. there toffoli, already a winner in 2001, it has received a lot success with the song Or maybe it’s you by framing it second.

Titian Ferro He lives in America together with her husband Victor Allenwith whom he has assumed two beautiful children Margaret and Andrew. In addition, as we read on Nuovo, it is in the process of launching its latest version record work. And what could be nicer than that festival of the Italian song to present first single?

TO November will be introduced internationally the world is ours the new and highly anticipated album by Tiziano Ferro, 42. An unconfirmed rumor is circulating in the record world: the Latina singer could return to the stage at the Sanremo Festival, not as a super guest, but as competitor.

As stated by the magazineIt is about one news to verify everything. However, if it has found a foundation, amadeus he would have scored another goal bang ‘in advance’. And who knows how many surprises still to be discovered until February!