Sangiovanni and the Haters: "My dream clouded by hate.  It helps me…

Sangiovanni and the Haters: "My dream clouded by hate. It helps me…

Despite Amici, Sanremo, 21 platinum records, sold-out concerts and the closeness of his partner Giulia Stabile, the young singer finds no rest. And as he says in the new Oggi: “The baseless malice made me relive the time when bullying made school hell.”

“Being exposed to the media brings affection and positivity, but also hate. They attacked me fiercely and wished I would die. Without knowing me, for no reason, ”says Sangiovanni in an interview with Oggi in the Thursday August 11 edition on newsstands. – Photo | Video

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LOTS OF SUCCESS, BUT NOT ONLY – The singer, following the popularity that Amici has achieved in the last two years, has realized a dream that seemed impossible: fifth place in Sanremo, 21 platinum records, sold-out concerts. But, he says, “This needless meanness made me relive the days when school became hell because of peer bullying and, worst of all, teachers who eroded self-esteem with phrases like, ‘In life you will never combine . Nothing’. . At first I stopped and locked myself in. The fears and paranoia that made music go away had returned: the solution had become the problem. Then I decided to face the suffering and ask for help”.

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DESIRE FOR SOLITUDE – To help him in this, he explains, in addition to psychotherapy and a passion for music, “the urge to express what I have to say, the company of people I love and maybe the fact of being in a live, been a village with only 3,000 inhabitants “.

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