Sandy and Lucas commemorate Patricia Kisser Theos godmother who died

Sandy and Lucas commemorate Patricia Kisser, Theo’s godmother, who died of cancer at the age of 52

Recalling the history of the two, the singer focused on the past nine years since she became pregnant with Theo. Sandy emphasized in the message that Patricia came into his life and became irreplaceable. To accompany the tribute, he made a point of showing a moment of Patricia with her son, whose picture rarely appears on social media.

“I was so delighted, so admired and so grateful for everything you did for me and our Theozinho even before he was born, that I entrusted you with one of the most important roles in a child’s life: being your Dinda. I’ve obviously accomplished that mission with mastery over the last 8 years,” he said.

  • Patrícia Perissinotto Kisser, wife of Andreas Kisser from Sepultura, dies at the age of 52

Sandy also shared details about their relationship, with Patricia always keeping an eye out for any news from Theo, from a tooth loss to new discoveries at school.

“(…) it hurts a lot to know that I won’t hear you, see you, ‘read’ you, feel your warm and delivered hug, tell you about every tooth our boy fell out, about every meeting with him Teacher who made you so proud, of every new discovery, every new interest of his, every Dindãoinspired playlist, every journey, every achievement, every sadness, every joy… (…) Sandy wrote in the farewell message.

For Lucas Lima, Patrícia shared love for “at least 3 lives” despite her early death.

“When you choose someone to be your child’s godmother, there is a lot involved. You think a lot about affinity, character, heart, trust… But to choose our son’s godmother, we didn’t have to think or think about it. You know Pat, you know. How much she loved that godson was impossible,” Lucas said.

Patricia and Andreas Kisser were together for 32 years. She leaves behind three children: Yohan, Giulia and Enzo. On Instagram, Andreas posted a tribute mentioning the first kiss in Mogi das Cruzes in São Paulo and calling her “my girlfriend, my wife and my best friend”.

2 of 2 Patrícia Perissinotto Kisser and Andreas Kisser — Photo: Reproduction/Social Networks

Patrícia Perissinotto Kisser and Andreas Kisser — Photo: Reproduction/Social Networks