Sandra Itzel ex wife of Adrian Di Monte exposes the

Sandra Itzel, ex wife of Adrián Di Monte, exposes the actor’s alleged abuse and infidelity

  • So far, Adrián Di Monte has not commented on his ex’s statements.

end of August 2021, Sandra Itzel and Adrian Di Monte announced her separation after ten years Of relationship. Both assured at the time that everything had ended well and that they would remain friends.

However, the actress is now changing her version of the story after a recent interview given by the Cuban downplays the importance of your marriage and refers to it as “the girl.”

Because of these statements, the former Bake Off contestant from Mexico decided to speak and reveal “her truth.” the alleged abuse that she suffered throughout her relationship with the actor.

He assured on social networks that he had suffered a lot “psychological abuse” while The ten years who was with his ex-partner, who wouldn’t have minded the support he gave him so he could pursue an artistic career in Mexico.

Sandra Itzel story about Adrian Di Monte

Sandra Itzel reiterated that Adrián Di Monte only made “cowardly” statements against her / Instagram: @sandraitzel

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“I was very kind. I’ve kept a lot of things quiet, but if you play with fire you’ll get burned. Now I’m “that girl”? The woman who supported him, who made him grow, who took care of him for 10 years… Do you deserve something good after psychologically abusing me for 10 years? “You can’t be happy about other people’s tears.”

Sandra Itzel

He also stated that he had one extramarital affair while they were married and even showed some Conversations that the Cuban would have had with his lover: “I will upload all the evidence I have because I The truth supports me”he hinted.

According to Sandra Itzel, she decided to break the silence because of all the “cowardly” statements her ex made against her: “If I share it, it’s not because of ‘Burn’ or because ‘they cheated on me’ or ‘because I didn’t want to give him a baby. “He had no respect for our private agreements.”he showed.

Adrian Di Monte claimed infidelity to Sandra Itzel

This is the alleged conversation that Adrián Di Monte is said to have had with his lover / Instagram: @sandraitzel

Sandra Itzel presents further evidence against Adrián Di Monte

After revealing his ex’s infidelity, Sandra Itzel He also shared some alleged messages from 2014Where Adrian Di Monte He calls her “p3rr4” and demands that he apologize for being with her.

“There were 10 years of abuse, psychological violence, infidelity, betrayal… I had no intention of ever making this public, but since the man wanted to reveal things publicly without first talking to me privately and WITHOUT BEING DIVORCED, then Let’s do this.” Take off the masks.

Sandra Itzel

Likewise, she affirmed: “Ten years have earned respect and I leave clean because I have been a great wife and I invite you, Mr. Adrián, to deny this.”

Controversy between Sandra Itzel and Adrián Di Monte

Sandra Itzel assured that she had more proof of everything she experienced with Adrián Di Monte / Instagram: @sandraitzel

Finally, she made it clear that she is now single and the procedures for her divorce from Adrián Di Monte continue because she wants to start a new life: “Ready to start a new chapter in my life.” I am more alive and stronger than ever“, he concluded.

So far, Adrián Di Monte has not commented on these statements. While netizens have filled the actress’s social networks with messages of love.

This is the interview that made Sandra Itzel angry

Sandra Itzel and Adrián Di Monte in “The Inseparables”.

After Sandra Itzel and Adrián Di Monti announced their separation, they appeared as a couple on Televisa’s reality show “Inseparables.” On this occasion, both said they gave themselves another chance.

His participation caused great controversy as viewers noticed that he had certain negative attitudes towards the young woman. Later, in May 2022, a close source told TVNotas that they lied about their reconciliation in order to participate in the reality show.

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