Sancti Spíritus Botanical Garden: A green oasis in the city (+photos)

Sancti Spíritus Botanical Garden: A green oasis in the city (+photos)

The botanical garden tour is an undeniable attraction for the family in times of high temperatures

For Sancti Spiritus, visiting the botanical garden is another option during the summer season. (Photos: Xiomara Alsina/Escambray)

Visiting the Botanical Garden of Sancti Spiritus, knowing its areas, inquiring about the collections of endemic plants, threatened or not, exotic species of Sancti Spiritus and Cuban flora attract the attention of many Sancti Spiritus.

For this reason, visiting the site as part of this summer 2022 is an undeniable attraction, at a time when temperatures are high and people have access to the different spaces that make up this green park next to the city.

Elonay Mederos Yumar, its director, told Escambray that, as every year, during the summer stage, the group welcomes a larger number of visitors looking for healthy rest; some host family camping trips, others celebrate birthday parties, even welcoming fifteen-year-olds who prefer this setting for their photos.

sancti spiritus, botanical garden, summer stage, summer, vegetationChildren can have fun in the shade of the trees.

A few weeks before the start of summer, the program of activities was drawn up that can contribute to the joy of the people of Sancti Spiritus: “We are characterized by offerings ranging from educational courses such as gardening and cacti and succulents; to the guided tours showing the different areas, from Wednesday to Sunday, between 9:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., as well as other options”.

A pavilion has recently been created within the Botanical Gardens, housing a significant number of ornamental plants for sale to the public. There are specimens that can be bought in clay pots or in nylon bags.

1660865877 753 Sancti Spiritus Botanical Garden A green oasis in the cityThe extensive collection of ornamental plants attracts the visitor’s attention.

“Along with these plant offerings, we market bags of substrates, a type of soil composed of organic elements, nutrients and minerals necessary to ensure the proper development and survival of plants indoors, a product that is suitable for a reasonable Price available is price affordable at this place.”

A peek into the garden will spot some visitors near the shaded area, where you can admire the wide variety of orchids, begonias and other exotic plants on display there, and there is also the tree-shaded green space that invites distraction A little further away is the gallery forest with specimens of fruit or wood species that you can rarely enjoy so intensively.

1660865878 369 Sancti Spiritus Botanical Garden A green oasis in the cityThe exhibition areas invite the residents of Sancti Spiritus to have fun.

How do you get to the Botanical Garden? What other leisure activities are there this summer?asks Escambray.

“Anyone can go from the historical center and its surroundings to the botanical garden through Frank País street to the end —Mederos Yumar explains—; but there is also an access via the Camino de La Habana, although this is almost always done with your own means, since unlike previous summer stages, this year the transport service with local buses has not materialized, which undoubtedly makes it difficult for the presence of larger numbers of visitors.

Nevertheless, there are gastronomic offers from the UEB Mercadito Universal, especially on the weekends, and activities are also combined by Culture and Indian.

Maritza Baguet Pérez, a specialist in environmental education at the Botanical Garden, assures that throughout the year the establishment develops programs aimed at different audiences, always focused on the care and preservation of the environment.

The truth is that the Sancti Spíritus Botanical Garden is open to visitors, although it needs more support from organizations and institutions.