San Dona He leaves the club hears a voice behind

San Dona. He leaves the club, hears a voice behind him and thinks up a joke: Martina is attacked with the gun

SAN DONA’ – «At first I thought it was a joke, when I turned around and saw the knife I was petrified with fear». She leaves the club and is robbed in San Donà. New Year’s Eve completely to forget for a Sandonatese. she is Martina Kamani, a well-known insurer in the city, was robbed by a 25-year-old boy in the city center around 3am on Saturday night. “It was 3 o’clock,” says the woman, understandably shocked by what had happened: they had left a club to get my car, which was parked in the Via Aquileia area, near the Vittoria Bridge.


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Robbery in San Silvestro

Out of nowhere I heard a voice behind me: an Italian boy, I think around 25, on a bicycle, asking me to give him the money. At first I thought it was a joke, they had just celebrated New Year’s Eve with friends.” Instead, as soon as the woman turned, she found the young man holding a blade. “It must have been 15 centimeters long,” continues Martina Camani, making my blood freeze at the sight. He asked me for money for his daughter in Albania, obviously an apology. I increased my pace to get to the car quickly, but he followed me, in the end he grabbed my bag and ran away ». In this way, the man took possession of the documents (found yesterday and the same goes for the bag), a credit card, a mobile phone and a few tens of euros, while the woman returned to the club to ask friends for help, who alerted the carabinieri who intervened immediately.

“Luckily I had the car keys in my hand,” the pro sums up, otherwise I would have lost them. I didn’t think that I could experience a similar situation in my town.” Yesterday the woman filed a complaint, the Arma men are at work to track down the robber.