Salt Lake City: Ongoing mystery about mysterious antennas

Salt Lake City: Ongoing mystery about mysterious antennas

According to the online portal Gizmodo, local government officials are now not only “at a loss as to who is responsible for this or what the systems are for”, they “also seem quite annoyed at having to take the crap apart again and again. “.

According to Tyler Fonarow of the Salt Lake City Department of Public Lands, about a dozen new antenna systems were recently found on the city’s administered lands – and there are believed to be more. The newly discovered devices were “bolted to various peaks, ridges and ridges around the foothills of the mountains” and were partially removed by the city, as Fonarow explained to the Coast to Coast news portal.

Employee transport antenna

Salt Lake City Public Land Some of the antennas found have already been dismantled

University connection?

Local news station KSL-5 also references an antenna found on the University of Utah campus. According to the university, it is still not known if there is a connection with the other systems.

“To the best of our knowledge, the tower on the university’s campus is neither owned nor operated by the university,” he said in a broadcast. Since being alerted by the city to the unauthorized antennas, however, the company has been actively working with relevant authorities “to determine whether a member of our campus community is connected to the towers.”

It’s not enough “to speculate”

The antennas had no identifying marks, according to Fonarow, who admitted to KSL-5 that we still don’t know enough “to speculate what it is.” Fonarow awaits information, among other things, from the apparently still pending detailed examination of the devices found. “To be honest, we didn’t even open the box,” says Fonarow, referring to the battery boxes found near the antennas.

At the same time, Fonarov confirmed the suspicion that the antennas “could have something to do with cryptocurrency”. There is an association in the room with a network where antennas can be used to mine a cryptocurrency known as helium. It remains to be seen whether the trail to the Helium Network will hold and, as noted by the IT portal Heise, among others, is no more than one of several tentative explanations.

“We want to end this now”

According to Fonarow, it’s still entirely up in the air whether anyone can be prosecuted for the unauthorized devices. Regardless, Salt Lake City “want to stop this now, before it becomes a dumping ground for dozens more antennas.”

Monolith in Utah

IMAGO/Cover-Images About two years ago, a metal stele found in Utah made headlines around the world.

“Presumably, by drawing attention to the problem, the city hopes whoever installs the devices will put an end to the mysterious project,” says Coast to Coast, referring to the “notorious monolith craze” about two years ago, “which also started in Utah”. A metal stele erected in the Utah desert by as-yet-unknown people made headlines around the world – also because other similar objects suddenly appeared elsewhere, including in Upper Austria.