Salma, Thalia and Kate del Castillo, in search of Yolanda Andrade’s health Who

Yolanda Andrade’s health

Surprisingly, this week was Yolanda He returned to running the Unicable program, but did so with an eye patch, a situation that Montserrat Oliver He explained, “He has an eye patch because he has something on his head that makes his eye droop and he cries a lot and the light bothers him.”

After you finish recording the show, Yolanda was intercepted by the press and revealed that her medical situation was complex but that she remained in good spirits. She also took the opportunity to thank the public and her friends for their interest and expressions of affection, which despite the distance they do not forget.

Montserrat Oliver and Yolanda Andrade. (Instagram.)

“I’m moving forward, there are good days, I’m very grateful for the prayers, with the wonderful people who send me very nice messages and have prayed for me.” will be fine,” said the 51-year-old actress.

When asked if her famous friends had contacted her, Yolanda explained, “Yes, yes, of course, Kate del Castillo, Thalia every day, (Salma Hayek) too.” “My friends sent me this cape, that of the Virgin is from Guadalupe, from a friend named Laura, Chantal, La Rox.”