Salary Claim Mobilizes Workers in Uruguay

Salary Claim Mobilizes Workers in Uruguay

For this and other reasons, the various teachers’ associations did so the day before in a prevailing climate of protests in various sectors of production and services.

Faced with budgetary responsibility to be debated in Parliament, the Federation of Public Health Officials (FFSP) reiterated that staff lost 6.0% of their pay.

Likewise, it tries to “recover workers’ wages, that there are more human resources and a budget to improve working conditions and the quality of care for users”.

Its chairman Martín Pereira stressed the need to continue the recruitment made with the Covid plan, since the monthly renewal reduces stability for the worker and tranquility for the patient, and the care “will be very poor”.

Another point reflected in a statement was the 15 percent cut in healthcare spending as 120,000 new mutual users joined the State Services Administration (ASSE), which they stopped paying to because of the country’s economic crisis.

In this sense, it has been reported that the workers grouped in the FFSP belonging to ASSE and in the Ministry of Health will cease their activities at the national level for 24 hours, with union guards in everything related to urgent care, emergencies and cancer patients and care in hospital rooms.

For its part, the Confederation of Civil Servants’ Organizations will cease operations due to the lack of progress in negotiations with the Executive to demand reimbursement of lost wages and entry of personnel.

The mobilized will gather in front of the Executive Tower to march towards the Ministry of Economy where a key act will take place.

Meanwhile, the Dairy Workers’ Union announced it would hold a two-hour strike per shift on Friday and a full-time strike per person next week over the same pay dispute.