Saguenay and Levis in the top 3 best cities in

Saguenay and Lévis in the top 3 best cities in Canada

Saguenay and Lévis found themselves on the podium of the list of the best cities to move in Canada, compiled by MovingWaldo, a move planner who also praises Quebec and Thetford Mines.

According to this list, published earlier in January, Saguenay is the second best Canadian city, just ahead of Lévis. Both predate the Edmundston, New Brunswick-listed company, which made selections based on city safety, the cost of homes, and access to recreation and outdoor facilities.

Described as “Quebec City with no traffic,” Saguenay received the Silver Medal for its affordability, low crime rate and “extensive range of programs, classes and activities that span multiple areas of interest,” MovingWaldo said.

Likewise, Lévis has been praised for its safety but also for its proximity to several national parks. In addition, the city is only a few minutes away from Quebec, which ranks 6th.

Speaking of the capital: MovingWaldo advertises the “unbeatable quality of life” that it can offer its residents. Montmorency Falls, the Plains of Abraham and the Quebec City Summer Festival are touted as reasons for the decision to move to Quebec City.

The last Quebec city to make the list, Thetford Mines stands out for its range of outdoor activities. Not to be scoffed at is the rental cost, which the company calculates is 69% below the Quebec average.

The list of the best Canadian cities according to MovingWaldo

1 – Edmundston, N.B

2 – Saguenay, QC

3 – Levis, Qc

4 – Deep River, ON

5 – Trenton, NS

6 – Quebec, QC

7 – Thetford Mines, QC

8 – High River, Al

9 – Barrie, Ontario

10 – Wellington, County, Ontario