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At home or at the cottage, hunting or shooting weapons must be stored safely and responsibly.

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All owners must install a locking device such as a padlock or security cable to render their firearms inoperable, or remove the lock. You also have the option of locking them in a closet, container, or room that cannot be easily forced open.

Many enthusiasts use a storage cabinet to store their gun or hunting weapons. To learn more about the topic, I spoke to Rudy Vendittelli from Dante Sports on Rue Saint-Dominique in Montreal. Here is a summary of his remarks:


Many athletes with few guns just want to keep them in a regulatory container so no one can access them. A safety cabinet like the Stack-On 8 Weapons is ideal. Constructed of thin steel, it weighs just 70 pounds.

Measuring 10 x 21 x 55 inches, you can position 8 rifles or shotguns. It features a three-point locking system.

Price: $190


“Some Nemrods have expensive calibers, models they hold dear, or family heritage. Hence, these people want to take drastic measures to preserve these assets. There are safes that, in addition to protection, also offer elegance, security, fire protection and an optimal storage solution,” explains Vendittelli.

A model like the Sporter – 23 Closet from Browning packs – as the name suggests – 23 unrestricted guns into a volume of 20 cubic feet. Its dimensions are 58 x 29.5 x 20 inches.

This 495-pound heavyweight made of 12-gauge steel can withstand intense heat of 1400F for 60 minutes. It’s literally built like a miniature Fort Knox, and it’s possible to choose its color and outfit it with a combination or key mechanism. The vault door is activated by a triangular bolt that seals the whole thing. Adjustable dividers, pockets, loops and more keep everything in place. Price: $3100

If you need more space, there are even models like the Rawhide, which can hold up to 49 guns. This is the ultimate in luxury protection. In terms of security, they exceed burglary resistance standards (UL RSC) and manufacturing process certification standards (VDMA). Fully customizable, with their high quality interiors, they are the perfect backdrop for your firearms and all your personal belongings.

The Browning company also manufactures vault doors like those seen in banks.

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