1695560313 Sad news for Walide and Aissa from OD Hollywoodpqcom

Sad news for Walide and Aïssa from OD | Hollywoodpq.com – HollywoodPQ

“We just ask for your indulgence in all of this.”

A new season of Occupation Double has just begun and one of the couples from last season is in for some sad news.

On Instagram, Aïssa and Walide from OD Martinique announced the end of their relationship after a year of love!

“We thought long and hard about how best to share the news with you, only to realize that no words could fully describe the gravity of the matter. “It is with a heavy heart that we would like to inform you that this is the end of our romantic chapter together,” the former lovebirds first reveal.

A couple that still seemed stable after OD’s turbulent adventure.

“You will have seen us live our most beautiful moments and fall in love in an extraordinary context. We have opened up to each other and integrated each other into our lives, and we have no regrets about our story. Sharing these moments, now just memories, has done us good and we know that we have always been grateful for the openness you have shown to rediscover us in our daily lives. a completely different environment,” they add.

Sad news for Walide and Aissa from OD Hollywoodpqcom

“We are confident that life is going well and that one day everything will make sense, but for now we just ask for leniency in all this so that we can experience our feelings in peace.” “All love xx Aïssa & Walide” , concludes the duo, who have decided to take different paths.

We wish them all the best for the future…