Sabrina Sato shows reunion with Zoe and trip in 1st

Sabrina Sato shows reunion with Zoe and trip in 1st class

Sabrina Sato shares an emotional reunion with Zoe after a 1st class trip

the lecturer Sabrina Sato really enjoyed last season in Europe. The famous traveled to attend fashion week, visiting London, England and Paris, France. After days of hard work and stunning looks, the artist was thrilled to share her return to the gorgeous apartment where she lives with her family in the city of São Paulo.

The return journey to Brazil was not difficult, on the contrary, it was very luxurious! The moderator was about to fly a few hours in great comfort in the first class of the aircraft. “Travelling is good, folks! But coming back is even better!” admitted the famous one. She even commended the company of work friends who were with her.

Arrive at home, Sabrina Sato was warmly welcomed by her only daughter. Little girl Zoe, 3 years old, is the result of the presenter’s relationship with actor Duda Nagle. In the video shared by the celebrity, the heiress is waiting taped to the door. Hearing the call, she soon opens up and stands in front of the mother owl, who bent down and hugged her little one! “I miss you, my dear,” said the mother owl.

To enjoy that she is resting at home, Sabrina does not let go of Zoe. The weekend is very much enjoyed by the family and the little girl! The moderator was discovered by Duda Nagle while playing with her daughter. Apart from sharing the many moments with the little girl on her profile.

very attached to your family Sabrina Sato made it a point to celebrate his sister Karina’s birthday. On September 26, the businesswoman turned 43 years old. Since the presenter was in Paris at the time, as soon as she landed in her homeland, she already organized a cupcake! Together with their mother Kika, their nephews Felipe and Manuela, Sabrina and Zoe Karina sang Happy Birthday.

“Live my light in the form of people named Karina Sato. She has the purest smile because she is full of courage, faith and love and I can only thank God because I am her sister. Ka… my gratitude for you is infinite and my love is eternal,” explained the famous.

Sabrina Sato meets her daughter again after a trip

Reproduction Instagram Sabrina Sato shares emotional reunion with daughter Zoe

Sabrina Sato poses during the first class journey

Reproduction Instagram Sabrina Sato shows what the first class trip was like

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