Sabrina Ferilli topless to amarcord shot in lingerie Hot Instagram

Sabrina Ferilli topless to amarcord shot in lingerie. Hot Instagram Tiscali

There’s little to argue about: when Sabrina Ferilli decides to show off her grace, the effect is devastating. And if it’s just a matter of giving a glimpse of something more, the result is sensational. The latest shot, released while the Roman actress is on holiday in the Maldives, proves it. Reflected in the glass, her topless silhouette can be seen and her breasts are maximally covered by her hands. “Places that I carry in my heart,” he writes, while his followers are happy about it. “You are a Goddess”, “Time has stood still with you” and many other messages of this caliber.

And on the other hand, Sabrina Ferilli was always loved very much. Not just because of its beauty, of course. The multi-faceted actress, born in 1964, has worked in cinema, theater and television and has received prestigious awards, including six Silver ribbons, a Golden Globe, six Golden Ciak and four nominations for the David di Donatello. In 2013 she was one of the main actresses in the film “The Great Beauty” by Paolo Sorrentino, winner of the Oscar for the best foreign language film.

Two marriages and missed motherhood – Before she met her current husband Flavio Cattaneo in the fiction “Dalia”, Sabrina Ferilli was married to the lawyer Andrea Perone, with whom she separated due to his betrayal. She never became a mother, partly by choice, partly by fate. In an interview he said: “I didn’t have children because I didn’t want any. I tried adopting one but it didn’t go well. I don’t care what I didn’t get was because I didn’t want it.

Identifying features: Giallorossi heart – A Roma supporter came to the celebration of the Giallorossi Scudetto on June 24, 2001 to undress in front of hundreds of thousands of fans at the Circus Maximus.