Russian Woman Arrested Trying To Sell Son For R$25,000 To Pay Off Debt Extra

one Woman arrested trying to sell her 7yearold son at a mall from Yekaterinburg (Russia) for the equivalent of BRL 25,000.

Authorities say the woman, named Nargiza, 35, promoted the online trade and claims so needed the money to pay off debts.

The Russian woman was arrested after officials from the antihuman trafficking organization Alternative posed as the alleged buyer of the ad, according to The Sun.

The “deal”, the date of which has not been announced, would be sealed food court from the mall. Nargiza brought the boy and said so he “didn’t mind” moving in with a new family.

“Right to the end we hoped it was a made up story, that it was a silly joke or a scam for money. However, when our people got into the ‘business’ along with the Organized Crime Investigation Team, we witnessed The Boy Being Sold. Nargiza took the money and gave the child to someone she didn’t know.”said an alternate spokesman.

Nargiza is married to a man with whom she has two younger children. The boy she wanted to sell is from her first marriage. In the investigation, the Russian stated that current husband ‘doesn’t like the boy’.

After Nargiza’s arrest for human trafficking, the boy was referred to a social worker. The Russian can be sentenced to it up to 10 years in prison.

The operation took place at a time when Russian authorities are located increased efforts against the sale of children for sex slaves or for organ trafficking by gangs with branches abroad.