Russian security forces thwart attack on oil pipeline

Russian security forces thwart attack on oil pipeline


MOSCOW, August 15 -(Prensa Latina) The Federal Security Service (FSB, for its acronym in Russian) has foiled an attack on an oil pipeline in Russia’s Volgograd region prepared by Ukrainian agents, the company reported in a statement today.

“An attempt by the Ukrainian special services to prepare an act of sabotage and terror at an oil and gas facility in the Volgograd region, organized by members of the right-wing group Restruct, was foiled,” the FSB text agency published by Sputnik said.

The company explained that during the operation, two saboteurs were neutralized and a high-powered explosive device was seized, as well as two traumatic pistols converted to fire live ammunition.

They also stated that the attack was organized by Russian citizen Andrei Chuenkov, who is currently taking part in combat operations in Ukraine as part of the ultra-nationalist Uragan Battalion, and Ukrainian Yuri Ionov, current soldier in the neo-Nazi Azov Battalion.

The Federal Security Service confirmed that law enforcement agencies organized measures to suppress the criminal activities of Chuenkov and Ionov and locate their accomplices in Russia.

RT, in turn, publishes that the Russian Defense Ministry reported that at least a hundred foreign mercenaries, most of them from Poland and Germany, who were stationed at one point in the Kharkov region, were killed and about 50 injured in high-precision hits in Ukraine by the Russian Air force.

Earlier, the ministry announced that since February 24, the day Russia launched its military offensive, more than 7,100 mercenaries from more than 60 countries had arrived in Ukraine. The army says it is actively monitoring foreign fighters and specialists and found their numbers had dropped to 2,190 in early August.