Russian pregnant woman refuses military service imprisoned in a camp

Russian pregnant woman refuses military service: imprisoned in a camp for six years

According to a media report, a female soldier in Russia was sentenced to six years in a camp for evading military service because she failed to show up for deployment while pregnant.

The court ignored a medical report from his unit’s medical service, which recommended temporary exemption from military service, daily Kommersant reported on Monday.

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Court: Soldier did not give up

The soldier did not resign and, therefore, was forced to report to her unit, according to the sentence. The soldier has been under contract since 2016 and already has a five-year-old son, as Russian state media wrote this Monday, citing the military court in the city of Vladikavkaz, in southern Russia.

The execution of the sentence was postponed until 2032 due to the children needing food. The woman’s defense, who comes from the Caucasus region of Kabardino-Balkaria, says she wants to appeal.

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Russia has been waging a costly war of aggression against neighboring Ukraine for a good year and a half.

The Kabardino-Balkaria region – like other areas where many ethnic minorities live – is therefore hit hard by the Kremlin’s mobilization, as shown by the investigation carried out by the Russian media.

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