Russian opening and cooperation, priorities in the Saint Petersburg Forum

Russian opening and cooperation, priorities in the Saint Petersburg Forum

According to Spief organizers, participants and guests have until June 18 to look for new ways to strengthen their own economic sovereignty to address global priorities amid attempts by a group of hostile Western nations to remove Russia from the international market.

However, despite the lack of official delegations from the so-called unfriendly nations here, representatives of more than 120 states, including the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Germany and the Netherlands, are in St. Petersburg.

Russian President Vladimir Putin is expected in the port city this Thursday, where he plans to take part in a meeting with representatives of auto industry companies and members of the government, Kremlin press secretary Dmitry Peskov reported.

Trade talks between countries are traditional at Spief, and according to the organizers of the meeting, that will be very attractive between representatives of Russia and China about the unprecedented challenges both countries are facing today and how they plan to develop equal and mutually beneficial cooperation be. .

Another important one is that of Russia and Africa, which will address not only issues of major importance such as the continent’s food and energy security, but also the emergence of new centers of world development in this region.

As part of the exchange between the Eurasian Economic Union and the countries of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, the parties are discussing the development of new environmental and climate projects, industrial cooperation and digital transformation processes.

The 25th edition of Spief will have “The New World, New Opportunities” as the main theme, and the basic business program is divided into thematic axes related to the world economy and the Russian economy, the social and technological agenda, and the development of human potential focus.

Over the past two decades, the St. Petersburg Forum has gradually evolved into a leading global platform for communication between representatives of the business community to promote cooperation and discuss the main economic issues facing the world, the country, emerging markets and the world in general are facing .