Russian night raid on Odessa one civilian killed

Russian night raid on Odessa; one civilian killed

Russia launched an attack on the port city of Odessa on Saturday night, the region’s governor said, claiming the death of one civilian and wounding more than 15, including children.

“Unfortunately, a civilian was killed in the Russian terrorist attack on Odessa last night,” Gov. Oleg Kiper wrote on Telegram.

Earlier, he had reported a “Russian attack at 03:00″ (00:00 GMT). “In Odessa 18 victims, including four children. Fourteen people were transferred to city hospitals, three of whom were children,” he said, adding that help is on the ground.

Mr. Kiper first mentioned “damage to civilian infrastructure, residential buildings and a religious facility.”

“More anti-missile systems” and tactical missiles for Ukraine, demanded the head of the presidential administration, Andriy Yermak.

Odessa, which has been a World Heritage Site since January, is regularly the target of Russian attacks.

The city notably endured a “hell night” on Thursday, as Kiev accused Moscow of targeting port infrastructure to prevent a possible resumption of Ukrainian grain exports.

For its part, UNESCO “strongly condemned” Friday’s Russian strikes against “several museums” that “suffered damage”.