Russian missiles hit wooden dolls instead of tanks

Russian missiles hit wooden dolls instead of tanks

Russian drones cannot distinguish wooden dolls from real artillery batteries. This is now reported by a US newspaper.

According to a Washington Post report, the Ukrainian military is also using fake weapons in its defense against Russian invaders to trick attackers. These are wooden replicas of modern US missile systems, the paper wrote, citing unnamed senior US and Ukrainian officials.

In this way, the Russian military was tricked into wasting expensive Kalibr cruise missiles on harmless replicas. The newspaper was also able to examine photos of these decoy targets, he said.

Expensive Russian missiles are being tricked

Russian drones, which relayed the location of the alleged missile systems to the Black Sea fleet, could not distinguish the dummies from actual artillery batteries. “When the drones see the battery, it’s like a VIP target,” the paper said, citing a Ukrainian official. After a few weeks, these dolls would have fooled ten expensive Russian Kalibr missiles. Given the success, the production of replicas was expanded.

Ukraine protects its western weapons systems

According to the Washington Post, replicas could also be a reason why the number of Western weapons systems allegedly destroyed in Russian reports is so high, especially with regard to the US missile launcher Himar. “They claimed to have hit more Himars than we actually delivered,” the paper said, citing a US diplomat. At the same time, Ukraine’s efforts to protect Western weapons systems underscore the great importance and importance they have for Ukraine’s defense.

The use of mannequins is one of the many asymmetric tactics used by the Ukrainian armed forces to deter the largest and best equipped enemy. Recently, according to the Washington Post, agents from Kiev also blew up railroads and power lines in the occupied Russian territories and detonated explosive devices in Russian weapons depots.

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