Russian ambassador was not invited to Van der Bellen’s inauguration

Russian ambassador was not invited to Van der Bellen’s inauguration

As in the reopening ceremony of the Parliament on the Ring, the Russian Ambassador is also present at the inauguration ceremony Alexandre Van der Bellen he was not invited to his second term. The circle of guests coincided with the opening, confirmed the parliamentary direction of the APA in an online correspondent report in the Kleine Zeitung. The ceremony is scheduled for next Thursday.

Guest Ukrainian Ambassador, not Russian

Van der Bellen is sworn in by the Federal Assembly in the newly renovated Parliament. The guest list, on which the Russian ambassador – unlike the Ukrainian one – does not appear, is drawn up by the Federal Assembly and not by the Hofburg.

Specifically, the President of the National Council Wolfgang Sobotka (ÖVP) invited diplomatic representatives from all EU countries, expanded to include ambassadors from the Schengen area: Switzerland, Norway and Iceland are also represented on 26 January. The US and UK ambassadors and the Israeli ambassador also received invitations.

According to Kleine, all Western Balkan countries are also included, namely Serbia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Albania, as well as Turkey, Moldova, Georgia and Ukraine. Thus, only Russia and Belarus are absent from Europe.

Van der Bellen was re-elected as Federal President in the first round on October 9, 2022.