Russia wants to strengthen its positions in the Arctic

Russia wants to strengthen its positions in the Arctic

Russia wants to strengthen its positions in the Arctic both economically and militarily, according to a new Russian naval doctrine signed by Vladimir Putin on Sunday to mark Russian Naval Day.

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The Arctic “is turning into a region of international competition, not only from an economic point of view, but also from a military point of view,” says the doctrine, which was presented during a naval parade in St. Petersburg (northwest).

Considering these factors, Russia will strengthen “its leading positions in exploration and conquest of the Arctic” and its mineral deposits, and will ensure its “strategic stability” in the region by strengthening the military potential of Russia’s northern and Pacific fleets. specifies the document.

In the Arctic, the country also wants to “completely expand” “the North Sea Route”, also known as the Northeast Passage, which connects Europe with Asia along the Russian coast, in order to make it “a safe and competitive year-round one”. After the apprenticeship.

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The 55-page document also denounces the United States’ desire to “dominate world waters” and the “convergence of NATO’s military infrastructure with Russia’s borders,” describing these phenomena as “key threats” to Russia.

Moscow sees the Atlantic Alliance, its old Cold War enemy, as an existential threat and justifies its offensive in Ukraine in particular with Kiev’s Atlantic ambitions and the West’s political and military support for Russia’s neighbor.