Russia uses nucleararmed ships in Baltic for first time in

Russia uses nucleararmed ships in Baltic for first time in 30 years World Center Diary

Russian President Vladimir Putin
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According to information from the Norwegian secret service in its annual report, Russia is stationing nucleararmed tactical ships in the Baltic Sea for the first time in 30 years.

The action comes as North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) countries discuss ways to expedite the delivery of arms and ammunition to Ukraine. Countries are considering Kiev’s request for fighter jets to resist Moscow’s offensive.

“Most of the nuclear potential resides in the submarines and surface ships of the Northern Fleet,” said the Norwegian intelligence report, which highlighted that this type of movement was a regular occurrence during the Cold War, but it is the first time that Russia this has done this ever since.

The report notes that despite the potential threat to Norway and the North Atlantic military alliance, tactical nuclear devices “pose a particularly serious threat in a number of operational scenarios in which NATO countries may be involved.”

Norwegian intelligence goes on to say that the possibility of a broader conflict with Russia involving the US, NATO and Norway cannot be ruled out.

However, no significant changes in Russia’s nuclear doctrine are expected in the coming years, the report said.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said on Tuesday (14) that the “priority” is to provide the Ukrainians with the means to continue their defence.

“The priority, the urgency, is to provide the Ukrainians with the weapons that we promised so that they can maintain their defense capability,” he said, arriving at the meeting of the Contact Group on Ukraine, dubbed the “Ramstein Group.” is known.

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