Russia ready for dialogue with the USA despite attempts at isolation      26

Russia ready for dialogue with the USA despite attempts at isolation 26

Anatoly AntonovMoscow.- Russian Ambassador to the United States Anatoly Antonov today stressed Russia’s willingness to speak with Washington despite Western attempts to isolate the country from the rest of the world.

“The pressure is mounting in all directions: the White House is sending its envoys to Asian, African and Latin American countries with the aim of persuading the authorities to end their cooperation with Russia,” the diplomat told the channel. Rossiya 24.

Antonov stressed that the pressure from the US authorities on their allies to undermine the economy of the Eurasian nation does not seem to abate, “they are trying to impose the already expired unipolar regime,” he stressed.

On the other hand, he specified that the Start III Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty signed between Russia and the United States expires in 2026, so the two nuclear powers will have to negotiate on an equal footing to decide the future of this treaty. essential to world peace.

“Today, Start III is the gold standard of arms control that we must maintain,” he stressed, recalling the words of the two countries’ presidents in Geneva when they declared that “a nuclear war should never start, there can be no winners in such a conflict.” “.

The ambassador assured that his colleagues in Moscow were ready to negotiate the treaty directly, it just had to be clarified whether Washington had the same will.

Referring to Washington’s sanctions on Russian fuel, he claimed that by “dividing energy markets into good and evil,” the White House is destabilizing the sector, raising prices and contributing to increased inflation.

In this regard, he stated that the goal is to deprive Russia of income and force it to supply resources at unprofitable prices and at a loss.

In this sense, he warned that as a result of this policy of limiting the amount of Russian hydrocarbons, there would be a redistribution of the flow of goods “not in favor of Western countries”.

Antonov confirmed that the Kremlin is not asking the US government for the impossible, “we are content to respect our national interests.

“In general, we don’t need much from the United States. We need them in order to recognize our national interests, respect each other and be ready to talk to us in conditions of equality and mutual respect,” the Russian diplomat said.

After the start of the Russian special military operation in Ukraine on February 24, numerous countries, mainly from the West, activated various batteries of individual and sectoral sanctions with the intention of causing maximum damage to the economy of the Eurasian nation. thereby putting pressure on Moscow to cease hostilities.