Russia: near Moscow, a "Patriot Park" to entertain the population

Russia: near Moscow, a "Patriot Park" to entertain the population

The Russian Defense Ministry is holding a military-related patriotic event not far from Moscow this week. Opened by Vladimir Putin himself, this show honors the armed forces that want the country to be bigger than ever and capable of victory.

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Published on 08/19/2022 07:22

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Every year the Russian Army Forum is organized on the outskirts of Moscow. This “Patriotic Park”, as it is called, is laid out like a real amusement park, with restaurants and mascots.

Except that the main attractions here are tanks, which both children and adults love to climb on. Svetlana’s child, 8 years old, jumps out of a huge rocket launcher: “We want our son to become a real man so that he can protect his homeland,” explains the mother of the family proudly. A group of soldiers advance towards the audience and simulate a hand-to-hand combat. The spectators are excited.

In the clasps of the forum is business time for the many international experts. This year, Iran is represented in this show for the first time. The country is to train Russian soldiers to use its drones. As we know, this weapon plays a key role in the Ukraine conflict. An Iranian representative welcomed this relationship: “We brought some of our missiles, anti-drone missiles, but also long-range missiles. We also present drones that remained in Iran.”

A few kilometers away, a “tank biathlon” is also organized. Twelve invited countries compete there against each other. In eight years of military games, Russia has not conceded a single victory to its partners.