Russia is preparing Poseidon, its infernal torpedo with tsunamis and nuclear propulsion    korii.

Russia is preparing Poseidon, its infernal torpedo with tsunamis and nuclear propulsion korii.

On March 1, 2018, Russian President Vladimir Putin unveiled to the world his new apocalypse-worthy rockets, his supposedly invincible yet destructive miracle weapons. With the Avangard hypersonic missile, the intercontinental RS-28 Sarmat, the “flying Chernobyl” Burevestnik or even the Tsirkon, Russia was once again in the race for the weapons of the future – real or more fantastic.

Among these contraptions of hell is an absolutely horrible underwater device that Russia appears to have made good progress on: a “tsunami-carrying nuclear torpedo,” as we called it in a previous article published in April 2021, possibly independently and named “Poseidon”.

It was designed to melt on the shores of enemy powers and cause the catastrophic damage its nickname suggests, powered by nuclear energy and therefore endowed with practically infinite autonomy, able to evolve stealthily and imperceptibly in very deep waters.

As the nautical expert HI Sutton explains, the Poseidon torpedo, also known as “Status-6” in Russia or as “Kanyon” on the NATO side, represents a commitment. At the same time, a new race is launched in the staffs to find countermeasures to develop, which aa priori does not exist yet.

“They are very quiet, very agile and practically indestructible. No weapon can oppose them in today’s world,” Vladimir Poutin declared in 2018, according to the Portal translation.

The sea we see burning…

It looks like Poseidon is actually about to see the light of day, or at least the great darkness of the seabed. According to the state agency Tass taken over by PortalRussia would thus have produced the first examples destined for the very special submarine that was to house them, the K-329 Belgorod.

The K-329 Belgorod is a fun beast. Launched in July 2022 with its pump, a modified version of an Oscar II class boat, it is one of the largest submarines in the world at 178 meters in length.

Very secret and still little known to western services, it was designed to be able to develop at very great depths and wage a “war of the seabed”. That means depositing various stealth weapons or reconnaissance devices there, spying on or sabotaging underwater systems (cables, pipelines, etc.), carrying out rescue operations there or hiding there while waiting to receive the deadly weapon, the famous Poseidon torpedo, to fire.

In the fall of 2022, the Belgorod made a name for herself in the frozen seas of the Far North, disappearing there for a while, only to reappear there no doubt showing the intelligence community some of her rounded shapes and her disturbing and menacing abilities. the whole world.

In November, he was preparing to test one of those torpedoes, according to the Pentagon, before what appears to have been forced to abort the mission. But this time, according to Tass, it’s the right one: The Belgorod has already conducted prototype tests of the Infernal Machine to verify the proper functioning of its launch system at different depths.

Therefore, according to this information and leaks – an unfortunate word in the case of a submarine – the next step would be for the Belgorod to receive definitive versions of Poseidon, with six torpedoes designed to outfit her frightening prowess. And then? Who will live will see if someone lives.