Russia Denounces Ukraine’s Use of Chemical Warfare Agents Against Russian Soldiers

Russia Denounces Ukraine’s Use of Chemical Warfare Agents Against Russian Soldiers

Moscow, August 20.- The Russian Defense Ministry this Saturday denounced Ukraine’s use of chemical warfare agents against members of the Russian armed forces in the Zaporozhye region.

They reported from the agency that on July 31, a group of Russian soldiers “on duty near the town of Vasilyevka in Zaporozhie province were admitted to a military hospital with signs of severe poisoning.”

“As a result of the examination, a toxic substance, botulinum toxin type B, was detected in the bodies of the soldiers,” the statement said.

The specialists conducted an additional analysis, which confirmed that it is “an organic poison of artificial origin”.

“The Russian Federation is currently preparing documents confirming the chemical terrorism sanctioned by the Zelensky regime with the results of all analyzes conducted,” they assured from the defense portfolio.

According to the ministry, “chemical terrorism evidence” will soon be sent to the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons.

Likewise, the entity reported that an investigation into the “chemical warfare agent poisoning of the head of the Provisional Administration of Kherson Vladimir Saldo” is currently underway.

Moscow has repeatedly denounced Kiev’s provocations related to the use of chemical weapons. Notably, in May, the Ukrainian military blew up a tanker full of saltpeter to accuse Russia of using illegal methods of warfare.

“In order to accuse the Russian army of using chemical weapons, the Ukrainian security service and nationalist members detonated a tanker containing fertilizers, believed to be ammonium nitrate, creating a plume of orange smoke that dissipated after a while,” the Russian Defense Ministry said. (Text and photo: Cubadebate adapted from RT in Spanish)


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