Russia completes Poseidon nuclear warhead, the “Doomsday torpedo”

Russia completes Poseidon nuclear warhead, the “Doomsday torpedo”

Posted on 01/18/2023 12:07 PM

    (Credit: Ilya PITALEV / SPUTNIK / AFP)

(Credit: Ilya PITALEV / SPUTNIK / AFP)

The Russian state agency Tass reported unofficially on Monday (January 16) that Russia had completed the production of nuclear warheads, a type of nuclear bomb that is to be used in the Poseidon or doomsday torpedo. In 2018, President Vladimir Putin announced the model as an “invincible weapon”.

“The first Poseidon ammunition charges have been made, and the Belgorod submarine will receive them in the near future,” Tass said. The torpedo will be transported by the K329 Belgorod, a special nuclear submarine built by the Sevmash shipyard.

The information released by the Russian agency came at a critical moment in the Ukraine war and demonstrated the country’s military might. Other parts of the torpedo have also been completed, the Poseidon is 24 meters long and can reach a speed of 130 kilometers per hour and destroy targets over 10,000 kilometers away using a nuclear reactor that will serve as a power source.

This is not Russia’s first show of military might. Recently, on New Year’s Eve, Putin addressed his disagreements with the West, calling him his real enemy and, as a sort of warning, sent a frigate into the Atlantic with hypersonic missiles.

In a 2018 speech, Putin said: “They are very quiet, have high maneuverability and are practically indestructible to the enemy. There is no weapon in the world today that can fight them.”

The innovative weapon originated in the plans of Josef Stalin in the Soviet Union with the idea of ​​building a torpedo capable of devastating coastal cities in the United States.

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