Russia, China Strengthen Partnership Amid Ukraine Crisis    Invader

Russia, China Strengthen Partnership Amid Ukraine Crisis Invader

Russia and China are working to strengthen strategic cooperation in the conditions of the Ukraine crisis and the world struggle, confirmed the Ambassador of the Asian nation in Moscow Zhang Hanhui.

“Under the circumstances, Beijing and Moscow should strengthen strategic cooperation, show strong will and disclose the constructive role of the Sino-Russian liaison, as well as help the BRICS to assert their independence in topical international and regional issues,” the diplomat said in statements to the agency TASS.

Hanhui stressed that the development of the international scene and world order is currently “affected by the processes taking place in the world, including the Ukraine crisis, the struggle of major world powers and the most severe pandemic of the century.”

Likewise, the head of the Asian giant’s diplomatic mission stressed that both countries, as “strong engines” of the Brics (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa), “play an important leadership role to ensure the progressive development of cooperation within the association.” “

In this sense, the ambassador added that the Group of Five developing countries is open to welcoming new states to support the movement in building a new multipolar international order moving towards justice, democratization and rationality.

“We are confident that as Brics membership expands, recognition and support for the association’s position will only increase, and more developing countries will join our common cause of strengthening mutual solidarity and cooperation. beneficial,” he said.

Hanhui said 13 nations have expressed interest in joining the group, including Argentina, Iran, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Turkey.

Earlier, the President of the International Forum of Brics, Purnima Anand, added that the next summit could discuss and decide the admission of some of these countries.

For his part, Russian President Vladimir Putin, at the last summit of the association on June 23, expressed his confidence that it is now important for the leadership of the Brics states to achieve a unifying and positive path towards the formation of a multipolar interstate system, based on the principles of the UN Charter.

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