Russia and Cuba are exploring the possibility of restoring commercial flights

Russia and Cuba are exploring the possibility of restoring commercial flights

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MOSCOW, August 19 (RHC) The authorities of Russia and Cuba are sticking to the analysis of the objective conditions in order to resume commercial flights between the two countries in the shortest possible time.

Cuban Ambassador to Moscow Julio Garmendía said in statements to the newspaper Izvestia that efforts are being made to have, expected in the autumn, a definition of the measures that need to be taken to resume some flights in winter.

“We know that Russians are happy to return to Cuba on vacation, and Cubans await them with all the hospitality that characterizes them,” the diplomat said.

Garmendia recalled that the Eurasian nation was practically the only country to maintain an emission of tourists to the Caribbean island during the months of the Covid-19 pandemic.

In this sense, he added that for two years in a row, Russian tourism has been in the first place among the customers received at the largest of the Antilles and “today represents an important market for economic recovery,” he stressed.

Likewise, the head of the Cuban diplomatic mission added that since last year Moscow and Havana have been working on introducing the Russian MIR payment system in the Caribbean state.

“The first phase of work is nearing completion, the aim of which is to connect the payment systems of both countries. This phase focused on the use of MIR cards in the island’s ATMs and that it can be expanded across the country,” the ambassador explained.

In this regard, he explained that for Cuba this is another opportunity for the banking and financial system to expand to other markets, with enormous potential that will greatly facilitate bilateral financial transactions.

Garmendia noted that the move will be a quick and surefire benefit for the thousands of Russian visitors who will arrive in the Caribbean nation. “It is expected that by the end of this year it will be possible to use these cards on Cuban territory,” he stressed. (Source:PL)