Rumor has it that Christopher Nolan wants James Bond to

Rumor has it that Christopher Nolan wants James Bond to be set in the ’60s

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Rumors that Christopher Nolan may direct the next James Bond film have resurfaced, now with details about the director’s alleged negotiations with the EON Productions.

Previously, World of Reel had assured this Nolan even seriously negotiated the creative direction of the next secret agent film EON Productionsbefore the start of the Hollywood writers’ strike.

According to the website, the head of the franchise 007, Barbara Broccoli I would bet everything on the director of Oppenheimer (2023), who has not yet reached an agreement with him AEON.

The producer’s plan would be for Nolan committed to directing and writing at least two films in the series and then taking on the role of executive producer for the remaining films in the new reboot program.

It turns out that according to an update the world of the roleIn order for the negotiations to be successful, an important issue must be clarified: Nolan reportedly wants to reboot the franchise with films set in the 1960s and whose stories remain true to the books Ian Flemingwhile AEON aims to place the new films in the current times.

The supposed idea of Nolan is not unprecedented, as another renowned director, Quentin Tarantino, attempted to adapt a 007 book into a ’60s film but was never able to get the project off the ground due to legal issues.

“What I think they should do, and I’ve been thinking about this for a long time, [é adaptar os livros de forma fiel], because a lot of the books have these names and really classic adventures and most of the time a lot of the movies are never the same as the book. They never adapt the stories. They take the plot and maybe the Bond girl or the villain and then just go their own way. Tom Mankiewicz went his own way. He wrote the script for many of the films. I think they shouldn’t remake the movies but adapt the books as they were written. This would all be new,” he suggested. Tarantino when talking about deadline.

One fact is that you are working on a film James Bond It’s an old wish Christopher Nolanwhich during the spread of Oppenheimer (2023) At Happy Sad Confused he made it clear that he would only accept an invitation from AEON when creative freedom is given.

“I love these films. The influence of these films on my filmography is obvious. It would be an incredible privilege to do one. When you take on a character like this, you also have certain limitations. So it’s a kind of responsibility that I already felt a lot when I went up against Batman,” he said. Nolan.

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According to journalist Matthew Bellonifrom Puck news, Aaron Taylor Johnson (Bullet Train, Nocturnal Animals) is in the running to become the next version of the secret agent.

Sources indicate that TaylorJohnson has already met with him Barbara Broccoli It is Michael G Wilsonfranchise manager, and the conversation was described as “very positive.”

In other words, there is a high probability that the actor will appear on the final list of candidates.

A EON Productions is planning to reinvent Bond, and as a result some supposed candidates have been rejected, including Tom Hardy (Venom), Sam Heughan (Outlander) and Idris Elba (The Beast).