Rudy Zerbi reveals to Lorella Cuccarini what his secret is with women: "Because they like me so much"    All messages

Rudy Zerbi reveals to Lorella Cuccarini what his secret is with women: "Because they like me so much" All messages

Rudy Zerbi revealed the secret of his success with women to his “talent partner” Lorella Cuccarini. Here’s what it is.

Rudy Zerbi is a well-known face on the Italian television scene. The man has been one of the professors at the Amici di Maria De Filippi school for years. It was born as a record company but, just like Mara Maionchi with X Factor, is gaining visibility thanks to the program of Maurizio Costanzo’s wife. He and Alessandra Celentano are the teachers who sit the longest on the bench and discover promising young people in their respective disciplines. Often the two are approached because they are also similar in temperament: demanding but very affectionate to the guys they choose to move on to.

If a lot is known about Rudy’s professional life, about his private life, the man is more reserved. Despite this, we know that he had many wives in his life and that he gave birth to magnificent children with three of them. Many wonder what his charm is. Sure he’s a handsome man, but the world is full of handsome men. So what is the secret that makes it so coveted by the fair sex? He revealed that himself in an interview that was published for Lorella Cuccarini’s format “A coffee with …”. Here are his words.

Rudy Zerbi finally admits: ‘Here’s my secret with women’

Rudy Zerbi had a long chat with Lorella Cuccarini. On the other hand, for a man who works as a radio announcer (it airs every weekend on Radio Deejay), talking is no problem at all. Well, she admitted in the interview that while her life seems full of charm and adventure, in reality it’s just hectic and completely normal.

Regarding his love life, Zerbi said he is only married to Simona, the woman with whom he had two children, Tommaso and Luca. But his children are actually four, as he also had one with Carlotta Mitti – Edoardo – and one with Maria Soledad Temporini, Leonardo. Who knows if a fifth or a fifth isn’t coming considering she’s only had males so far.

At the beginning of the interview, Rudy revealed what his secret is with women. Much easier than everyone thinks. Zerbi is called Rodolfo at the registry office, like a famous seducer. But Lorella Cuccarini assured during the chat: “In the end your name suggests a Latin charm”. And here came the response from Amici’s singing teacher: “Of course my name is my secret to being successful with women.”

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